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If You Love Our Picnic Tables

You can purchase any of our tables after an event at excellent discounted prices.

Own Any of our Rentals

Our rental pergolas are also available to purchase after your event.

Custom Outdoor Used Furniture For Sale

It’s not unusual for us to sell out everything we rent after an event.

Our Rentals are Always Ready to Sell at Discounted Prices

At our very first rental event, The Vancouver 125 celebration at Stanley Park, we had every one of the 85 tables from our beer garden, sold before the weekend was over. It’s not uncommon for guests at an event to come up and ask us if our rentals are available for sale. If you prefer, we can always build you a brand new table, pergola, bistro table or whatever it is you’ve fallen in love with.

OR… you can buy any of our rentals at incredibly discounted prices.

That’s not to say, you’ll get any less quality. We guarantee every piece we sell will be in excellent shape. We inspect every table, and if needed, repair it like new. In the end, there may be a couple scratches here and there, but overall, you’ll be ecstatic about your purchase.

Wondering if Something is Available as a Refurb

Call today to find out what’s available.

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