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Rabbit Hutch-Two Level

Rabbit Hutch-Two Level

Our two level rabbit hutch gives you more options for your bunnies. Keep more than one rabbit and each have their own separate space. This is perfect for rabbits when:

  • They don’t get along
  • One of your rabbits is in heat.
  • One of your rabbits needs isolation for temporary medical reasons.

This rabbit hutch can be built in pine/spruce or cedar and looks attractive. We recommend a light stain to the exterior, but natural on the inside to give your rabbits a safe environment. Of course, as with all cedar products you can leave the wood natural.

Considering all the custom options, rabbit hutches can vary greatly in price. A single room, ground-level hutch starts at $700. Multi-level hutches begin at $1300. You have to remember, there is a lot more than just assembling a hutch kit. Each project is customized for your needs, location and of course the number of rabbits.