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Signature Table with Benches

Without a doubt, our signature picnic table is our most popular rental. But couple that unique style with our bench model and you’ve got all kinds of versatility. You can fit at least one more person on a bench and there’s no sliding in or out. Push the bench back as far as you like, or remove it all together to make a great buffet table. There’s also the option to add smaller head table benches. This table is perfect for so many situations. We make them either regular picnic table height or a slightly taller bar stool height.

The Perfect Pub Table

  • Narrower than Large Tables
  • Fits More Patrons
  • Moveable Benches

Tables and Bench Available in Cedar

Like all our products, our bench-style table is can be finished how you like. Stain, paint or epoxy. See how we can make a table that suits your needs perfectly.

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