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Local Wood Products

The Wood Treasures of Vancouver Island

Sadly, most of the wood products you’ll find in an average furniture have been sold as raw lumber to China. There it’s  milled, refined and produced into furniture to be resold back in Canada. The price of labour overseas has a higher cost than just the price tag on your furniture.

We are committed to supporting the lumber industry here on Vancouver Island.

We only purchase wood products grown and milled right here. We source our raw lumber from mills between Port Alberni and Ladysmith, so not only are you getting some of the most sought after wood product in the world, but you can be proud your purchase has benefited the local industry and economy.

Cedar and Fir

Red cedar is our first choice for all outdoor furniture. It’s incredible beauty and durability are unparalleled for deck and patio chairs and tables. With a simple clear coat, you’ll enjoy the purest of natural design. If you prefer to save a few dollars, locally grown fir has just as much stability, and with the right paint or stain and clear coat, a fir or spruce piece can be as incredible as any other.

Big Leaf Maple

Maple wood is one of the most beloved hardwoods the world over. Here on Vancouver Island, you’ll find the Big Leaf Maple. For the last few years, some locals have actually tapped them to make a wonderful west coast syrup. But for 100’s of years, this exceptional hard wood has been used to make furniture that can last for generations.

A solid maple kitchen table can be sanded and refinished hundreds of times. Making it a family heirloom. We look for brilliant character to create unique one of a kind pieces for our customers.

To our Wonderful Customers

We’re thankful to have customers like you who not only care about purchasing a quality product, but appreciate that by buying locally makes for a better life for all of us. We wish you many years of satisfaction and enjoyment from your wood furniture.